New Joint: John Legend and Andre 3000, Greenlight

I generally try to steer clear of the uplifting R&B and Hip Hop music.  I mean, if I wanted to be preached to or enlightened, I’d read a book, right?  With that said, this new John Legend album is pretty tight.  I went ahead and put it in the lab and I have to give it that Lake seal of approval.  Here’s one of the jams, Greenlight:

And yes, John hasn’t completely abandoned that Vegas lounge special music he hit us with on the last album, but this joint  makes me wish I was back in the streets of Beantown, getting ready to hit the ignant hip hop spot.  I’ll never forget the first night I ever heard that Ay Bay Bay, wow, that joint was CRANKIN.. Anyway, give Legend a chance.  He’s back.

– Lake


  1. I heard the song the other day and I thought it was amazing, really amazing.

  2. Hot song. Heard it out the other night. Blends perfectly.

  3. Ian M. Summers says:

    This has been out a while now Lake, but I’ll forgive it. You can’t be on the cutting edge of all facets of the blog game at once (but don’t let it stop you from trying). I’ll give Jon Legend credit for not just rehashing his old stuff, but I’m not feeling it, with the exception of 3000. I am always feeling 3000 (no homo).