Last Straw: Cindy McCain Attacks Barack Obama

Come on now.  Haven’t the silly reindeer games gone far enough?  Now we have sloppy rich beer tycoons telling a self made man from truly humble beginnings like Barack Obama to “walk in her shoes”?

And I’m going to go ahead and be fair about it and put the full quote out there.  This is what Cindy McCain said at a McCain rally yesterday in support of the McCain-Palin Campaign’s efforts to smear Barack Obama:

“I would suggest that Sen. Obama change shoes with me for just one day, and see what it means, and see what it means to have a loved one serving in the armed forces, and more importantly, serving in harms way.”


First of all, don’t compare “your loved ones” with the loved ones of others who are serving in our wars.  Your kids went into service under their own volition with all the options in the world there for them.  So don’t try to act like the sacrifice your kids are making, or better yet YOU are making, is the same as someone who goes into the military because they literally have to so they can eat.  Second, how shameful is it for this chick to be exploiting the service of her son’s for some cheap one liner at an Anti Obama rally?  Using your son’s potential death to score political points, classy.  Moreover, YOUR HUSBAND voted to “not fund the troops” on a bill, too.  AND YOU KNOW IT. Two bills, two opinions regarding the funding, two separate votes.  I know, I know, you just said that so some of those “Joe Six Packs,” you know, the people you know NOTHING ABOUT, can holler out “TREASON,” “TERRORIST,” and “KILL HIM” at your next klan errr Anti Barack Rally.

Then she went on to say that Senator Obama is “running the dirtiest campaign in American History.” LOL, The f*cking balls on these people!!!  Is that so?  So I guess all those terrorist charges, patriotism blasts and “not like regular Americans” blasts are just good clean hard nose facts, right?  Hey Cindy, I asked a cross section of “Joe Six Pack” from my redneck of the woods what they thought about these comments coming from a beer heiress “Washington Elitist” like yourself.  They didn’t say much, but they wanted me to show you this picture all the same:

Now see, this is disappointing because up until now, I’ve actually let Mrs. McCain slide on all her bs skeleton laced closet mess, just because I actually thought she might have enough good sense to knew her role, ie, to sit there, look pretty, rock expensive dresses/jewelry and occasionally show me some cleavage so I could be reminded how she stole John Mac from his first wife!

But now I see that the chick wants and needs some, she can go ahead and have some.  I’m her huckleberry.  So here are my reasons why Cindy McCain needs to shut the fuck up:

1.  Without you and your loot, compared to Barack Obama, your husband aint sh*t.

John Mac runs around talking about how he spent his life serving his country and he did.  But that might have something to do with your fat ass pockets and all the perks that come along with 7-17 houses, 24 cars, a couple yachts and two wives, ya dig?  Let your husband, the same dude who finished 5th from the bottom of his class (!!!!!) at the Naval Academy, actually do it on his own (like the rest of us AND Barack) AND THEN come talk sh*t.


That’s right, we didn’t forget.  In the 2000 campaign Bush sh*tted on you and your entire family with that whole “John McCain had a black child out of wedlock” foolishness in South Carolina.  Remember that?  See, any respectable person would have been pissed off and done with Bush.  Your husband AND YOU bent over and took it like some b*tches!

Try as you may to claim that Obama’s campaign is “the dirtiest in history” but we all know that sh*tting on you and your family is a habit, and it WASN’T DONE BY OBAMA, it was done by your best bud George W.  And what was the result of those shady tactics, of them sh*tting on your family and calling your husband’s character directly into question for political gain?

I mean, look at John’s face in this picture.  Is he laying up into George Bush or the big breast-tah-sis of some Peruvian hooker?  Goodness.  Be a damn man!

Exactly, now sit your punk a$s down.

3.  The constant look on your face let’s me know that even YOU know John Mac is outclassed.

Ha.  I actually thought John Mac was an ok guy until you started ice grilling him like he was getting his silver polished by one of your 50 plus help staff.

Seriously, are you looking at your lovely husband of 25 years or Kanye West going on one of his self-indulgent rants after he didn’t win an award?  Do John Mac a favor, DON’T LOOK AT HIM, because every time you do, you just confirm that same feelings about your husband that the rest of us have, HE’S WEAK and SUSPECT.  Hell, even the nutty Republican Right doesn’t like this guy.  Dude is a freaking walking contradiction, which is why he got Gobner Hockey Mom to come in and save the day.

Aint gonna work though.  If by maverick you mean that John isn’t really liked by anyone on the Left, Right or Center, then yes, he’s a maverick.

4.  YOU, Cindy, have dirty laundry too.

Let’s not forget the fact that YOU STOLE your husband from his first wife.  Let’s not forget this either:

Awww, Cindy, I didn’t know you liked to get wet (Oh you got real wet, too).  And while I will admit that you’re an attractive older woman (I always keep it real about the ladies) let’s be clear, you aint got all that much time left.

Don’t work yourself up into a tizzy about issues that are way above your pay grade.  It’s unbecoming.  No, you just stay in your lane and hit the “style” circuit talk shows.  It’s not like you’re actually a Harvard Law School graduate yourself (like Michelle Obama).  Nah, you’re a beer chick, take a hint from Palin.  After all, you both break for Joe Six Packs!

Cindy, I thought you kicked it, but after hearing those off key comments about Barack, do me a favor, stay off the drugs.

5.  Barack Obama is just better than your husband at ALL OF IT.

Let’s be frank.  Barack cleaned your husband’s clock in BOTH debates.

His campaign has more money, the press likes him better, he gets bigger crowds, he’s younger, smarter, speaks better and has better ideas.  That’s why you’re mad at Barack.  Not because he can’t identify by “walking in your shoes” or because he doesn’t have kids in service (his daughters are in grade school) or because he’s running a dirty campaign (Bill Ayers anybody?).  No, you don’t like it because you’re seeing that handwriting on the wall.

You’re getting that same bitterness Hillary had.  You’re seeing that unstoppable force coming right at you, during a Democratic year, and you just can’t stop the rain.  I get that.  But don’t try to act like it’s something else.  Oh, he’s more popular and a better politician alright, but it’s because he’s just better, period. Oh you’re seeing the situation clearly, but even you can’t believe the bs that’s coming out of your mouth.

Sorry baby, you can’t buy everything in this world and you should have seen this one coming.

And you got next!  Keep it pretty, but shut your mouth.

– Lake


  1. Todd Vickers says:

    LMAO. Lake, you killed it on this one.

    But I will say that this surprised me:

    “3. The constant look on your face let’s me know that even YOU know John Mac is outclassed.”

    Damn! I said no idea that shawty say the nilla that she with ain’t sh*t.

  2. damn son tell em why u mad son tell em why u mad. as i was reading this i started to think ya know that shit is true. if i was barack i would wild out on her and bring this shit up but im sure hell take the high road cause nobody gives a shit bout cindy. crazxy crazy crazy

  3. okolepuka says:

    Oh shit, this post was funny as hell.

    That section equating candidates to trains had me laughing out loud, literally.

    You are dead on, she is not supposed to get into this. For all of the Bush’s idiocies and moronic hubris, Laura never got her hands dirty, that I can remember.

    Outclassed by Laura Bush!

  4. Hype post. Nuff said.

  5. Cindy McCain compared to the Crypt Keeper???? PRICELESS!!! Now that’s what I like about UvT!!!

  6. this post was hot. the four trains was off the charts. speak to the people lake, let them know the truth, and use funny yet apt visuals for those ign’nant mf’ers in the wilds of america.

  7. HOT FIRE SON. That shit just got me all pissed all over again! Dammit, f*ck a McSame and his ole lady!

  8. best post ever on the train wreck that is the McCain/Failin..

    Little more background on McCain’s first wife..quite sad how she was just kicked to the curb and how she just accepted it because of her physical injuries..