Britney Spears Nude Video Released!

And UvT has the first pics.

Well, I know it already looks like a classier affair than the Kelis video from last week.  Angle 2?

I know somethin else too.  There ain’t no way in hell that is Britney’s body.  Unless they shot this video in 2002 and they kept the footage in lockdown for the last 6 years.  I want to say this moment is the rebirth of the Britney I used to love.  But after ass gel, photoshop, the fact that this picture looks blurry as hell, plus the fact that that line between her head and her shoulder just doesn’t look right, I’m going with a fake.  I mean come on, is this Sarah Palin?

See, can’t trust it.

Britney does still have the old moves in the video though.  Unfortunately it isn’t a sex tape (yet), it is her new video for “Womanizer”.

When If Britney’s Sex video hits the streets though, here is my prediction on her performance.

Kim Kardashian < Paris Hilton < Britney Spears < Kelis < Noelia

That will be the celeb sex tape heirarchy.

Britney will probably pick up a MTV award or three for the performance too.



  1. Britney actually made a comeback, and in the best way possible–just as hot as she was before, but slightly thicker. Amazing… just accept that shit.

  2. John Q. Public says:

    Dude, Britney looks like something to eat off of in these pictures. Holy shit. She may have blown up to a fat slob, but baby girl has the thickness underneath that makes me wanna holla. I’d hit, but that’s not saying much.