Man Up Monday: My Fantasy Football Team

Once a season some player puts in some sort of amazing fantasy game.  Racking up yards, finding the end zone individually more than most teams do on an average week, I mean just getting loose.  LaDainian Tomlinson has done it, Adrian Peterson did it last season.  This week?

Ronnie Brown got loose like Angel Lola Luv’s tailpiece right before an ass gel re-up.  For those of you who aren’t down with fantasy, as of right now Ronnie Brown put up 42.53 points.  There is a entire squad in my league that doesn’t have that many points right now.  I mean an epic performance.  You know what?  Your boy Brock has him too.  The only problem?  HE’S ON MY FUCKING BENCH!

Yeah, that’s how I felt.  I mean this cat was taking direct snaps, running wild on the Patriots, threw for a TD.  I mean please, I just can’t take it.

Right now I should have more that 100 points, leading the league, and instead I’m down by 8 points with my two WR’s against LaDainian Tomlinson on Monday night.  I’ve never hoped for a toe injury to be “serious” more than I’m hoping right now.  I need LaDainian to wake up looking like this tomorrow morning.

So I need Vincent Jackson to hit me with some of this:

and Chris Chambers to hit me with some of this.

Yeah, I know they are on the same damn team.  I’m working on it…

Because you know your boy Brock was talking big shit before the game.  Damn that, I’m winning.  Still calling my shot.

So fellas…Man Up!



  1. < ![CDATA[man fuck the dolphins i had ricky williams ready to roll this season cause i was for sure he was gonna get the rock more then ronnie. bam all of a sudden ricky is on the pine and their goes a wasted pic. tell ronnie i said fuck u]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Yea, I sat the Philly D this week. Who's feeling like a pendejo? That's a schmuck for the Jewish compadres.]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[It makes sense that I started LT instead of Ronnie Brown, but I also knew that toe shit would come back to haunt me. I should've started fucking Ronnie Brown...]]>

  4. < ![CDATA['shoulda woulda coulda'... see thats the prob with fantasy football - u think its a lock, or at least semi-nailed down, then random cats just decide to show they azz one week and -BOOM! points on the board. Of course, its the guy u have on the bench...heh Fantasy Football aint really my thing but I'm assuming UvT is down with the fantasy Bball?]]>