UvT News: WTF is Going On?


  Team Us: So here's the deal. I probably should have written this a long time ago, but whoever is coming to read this, anyone who is still coming to check to see if I've written anything, is a REAL fan of Us Versus Them. So you deserve an explanation before it goes away. … [Continue reading]

Is This Racist? News Station Gets Pranked

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 3.13.39 PM

This ACTUALLY HAPPENED on the news in San Francisco. Who types up the teleprompter? … [Continue reading]

According to the Internet, This is the Only Thing that Happened at the BET Awards Last Night


This moment from Erykah Badu almost broke Twitter last night. … [Continue reading]

Mark Sanchez – Instagram Video Claims its First Victim!


Everyone wanted to celebrate when Instagram came out with video a few weeks ago. Sure, we've had cameras and video on our phone for years, but there is something about flipping out those quick videos on your phone that just doesn't seem right. You're telling me I could ill advisedly help a young lady's 21st birthday special in Vegas and end up in full video on the internet before the song is over? That is the worst. There's no good reason for information to travel that quickly. … [Continue reading]

Ray Allen Knows How to Celebrate a Game Winning Shot

Ray Allen Dos Beckys

Ray Allen already figured out how to celebrate in Miami. … [Continue reading]

Paula Deen is Racist…Surprises No One


Apparently Paula Deen uses the N-word. I actually love the fact that Paula Deen is keeping it real. You all know you've said some terrible, racist stuff when in your home and in the company of your friends. I'm gonna give Paula Deen credit for … [Continue reading]

Kanye Claims He’s Yeezus. Is it the Work of the Devil?


Can Kanye drop one damn album without people claiming he's the devil incarnate? I mean damn, can't a brother call himself Yeezus without a backlash? … [Continue reading]

Vladimir Putin Jacked Robert Kraft For his Superbowl Ring


Patriots owner Robert Kraft travelled to Russia in 2005 and visited Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Patriots had just won back to back Super Bowls and Kraft got to meet the Russian President as part of his travels. Kraft was showing off his new … [Continue reading]